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Good Fats That Help In Increasing Good Cholesterol Levels

Good Fats That Help In Increasing Good Cholesterol Levels

A bad implication is always related to the fat. It is frequently considered as worst because it brings obesity and other implications to the body.

Not all fats are seen as disasters. There are numerous fats that give health assistance. Below are some varieties of these which support in achieving best cholesterol levels when added in our regular diet.

Fats rich in Monounsaturated foods

It is the one which is said to give great health benefits. They are basically like fluids and they become hard under low temperatures. It also reduces the worst cholesterol contents by increasing the nice cholesterol contents.

One such is nuts which are the basis for fat contents that are monounsaturated. Some of the others are almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pecans, pistas, soyabeans and avocados.

Consider using canola or olive or sesame oils when you cook or fry foods. When included in our life style, these provide extreme advantages to our health with nice cholesterol.

Fats rich in polyunsaturated foods

The other kind of nice fat is poly unsaturated. It is vital to know in what steps these nice fats give good health when added in our foods. And it supports to lower the bad cholesterol levels.

It also guarantees good blood flow to the heart. Studies show that when these fats are taken into our foods, it stops coronary heart related issues because of the polyunsaturated fat contents.

These fats have their basis from plants and animals. Vegetable oils are rich source of these fats. Such oils are corn, sunflower and soya oils. Margarines are other things which have polyunsaturated contents.

Similar to monounsaturated fats these polyunsaturated fats can also be found in nuts such as walnuts and in seeds.

Omega 3 rich fat acids

They are the category of polyunsaturated fat levels. They are only twenty years old still they possess very good qualities and considered effective because of their great benefits.

They help in one's fitness. They really support to maintain best cholesterol amounts and lower the problems to the heart. In fact additionally they help in lowering excess blood pressure by preventing from blood thickening.

The fishes such as mackerel, salmon, herring and tuna have good amounts of omega 3 acids. So including fish into our diet say two times a week will have a great impact in our well being.

On the contrary these omega 3 acids also present in plants like tofu and soya beans. And also in walnuts, in pumpkin and in flax seeds.

Many have the impression that fats are bad to one's health but it is not so. They also help in reducing increased cholesterol contents which doesn't require consulting any physician.

By: Christian Good

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