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Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: Healthy Choices

Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: Healthy Choices

High blood pressure or Hypertension is usually caused by narrowing of the arteries. There are two major causes of narrowing of the arteries. One is inflammation caused by hormones released into the blood stream during highly stressful activities. This is a natural response your body goes thought during stress to protect itself in the case of injury. Some people experience this when they get a blood pressure check up. This is why if your blood pressure reads high your nurse well check it two or three times to see if the pressure is stable, or if it changes. If its stable you have high blood pressure if it fluctuates you have a case of the nerves. The second cause is high levels of blood fats known as cholesterol.

We have in our blood stream a kind if trucking system that carries sugar and fats from our liver to our cells and waist produces back from our cells to the liver. The carrying agents, or trucks, are called cholesterol. They are made buy the liver and the number and percentage of the three types of cholesterol play a big factor in the health and quality of a parsons life.

HDL cholesterol or high density lipoprotein are known as good cholesterol the larger the percentage of your overall cholesterol level that HDL cholesterol represents the better. A low level in men would be forty or lower, in women fifty or lower, and a good count would be sixty or above. High density lipoprotein can be caring large amounts of fats in your blood stream. Fat does not dissolve in your blood steam so it must be carried to and from your cells.

LDL cholesterol or low density lipoprotein is known as bad cholesterol the larger the number of these cholesterols in your blood stream the worse of you are. The optimal number is one hundred or lower. One hundred to one hundred and thirty is considered normal. One hundred and thirty to one hundred and fifty is considered borderline. One hundred and sixty to one hundred eighty are considered high. One hundred eighty to two hundred is considered very high.

Triglycerides are the most common form of fat in the blood steam and are associated with a high carbohydrate diet. These fats are also a telltale sign for a higher than normal LDL cholesterol number.

LP cholesterol is a genetic variation of LDL cholesterol and is associated with free fats in your blood stream.

The problem with having a lot of LDL, LP, and Triglycerides in your blood stream is that they cause Atherosclerosis which is the plaque buildup that causes the narrowing and hardening of your arteries. Which is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.

There are some very important minerals and acids found in supplements that can go a long way to help prevent Atherosclerosis and controls your blood pressure. Calcium helps muscles, including your heat, to expand and contract. It also helps your nervous system to regulate your blood pressure. Magnesium found mostly in green vegetables is essential for cellular health. Malic Acid found in apples helps support magnesium absorption. It’s also an important part of the Krebs cycle which increases ATP, an enzyme that supports muscle health and growth. Chric Acid help’s in the Krebs cycle to remove carbon dioxide from your cells. It also helps maintain the alkaline levels in your body. Fighting of the acidic effects from coffee, soda and alcohol. Glycine is a non essential amino acid helpful in the production of RNA and DNA. It also helps brain function and promotes a healthy prostate gland.

These minerals and acids which promote the muscle and cellular health of your vascular system along with a low carbohydrate diet well lower your cholesterol levels and prevent the plaque buildup that causes Atherosclerosis. Exercise to strengthen your vascular system is always a good thing, but you don’t have to over do it. Feeding your vascular system what it needs and not over feeding your body what it does not need is one of those healthy life choices that we all need to make.

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