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Lipitor– Helping To Fight With Cholesterol

Lipitor– Helping To Fight With Cholesterol

Lipitor is a very popular drug, which is widely used to reduce excessive amount of cholesterol from the body that can be formed due to various reasons. Present of excessive amount of cholesterol in the body is the major cause of ill health and it results in many diseases such as heart-strokes, heart-attacks and various other heart diseases.

Manufactured by Pfizer this medication is well trusted for reducing the cholesterol level throughout the world. Intake of Lipitor by the patient blocks the organism’s production of high bad cholesterol or LDL. This medication works by inhibiting certain amount of triglycerides, cholesterol, and apolipoprotein B, a protein without which high bad cholesterol would not be produced. If you are suffering from high cholesterol level, you can easily buy Lipitor and feel its benefit.

Lipitor works by responding to the organism’s need of lowering some of its potentially bad products that contribute to hardening of the arteries. Treatment with Lipitor also ensures increase production of good cholesterol in the body. People are heavily relying on Lipitor and are buying Lipitor to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Lipitor is usually advised to be taken with some restriction in diets. Generally restrictions are of cholesterol and fat intake so that reduce amount of cholesterol and fatty substance in the blood. If there is large amount of cholesterol and fats in the blood it gets accumulated along the walls of the arteries and decreases the flow of blood. It therefore leads to reduce supply of oxygen to heart, brain and other parts of the body thus creating heart problems. To get relief from heart ailments buy Lipitor easily through online drug stores.

Lipitor or Atorvastatin was approved by the FDA in December 1996, belongs to statins class of drugs, which includes lovastatin, simvastatin, fluvastatin and pravastatin. All the statins helps to prevent the production of cholesterol in liver by blocking the enzymes, which are responsible for cholesterol.

They lower total blood cholesterol as well as LDL cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol is primarily responsible for the development of coronary artery disease. Lower LDL cholesterol levels retards progression and may even reverse coronary artery disease. People facing high cholesterol problems can safely trust and buy Lipitor to get relief from cholesterol problems.

It is very important that your personal physician should be aware of your present medical condition before prescribing you this medicine. Patients who are suffering from a chronic muscular disease, or are suffering from drinking problems or who have currently undergone a major surgery might not be allowed to intake this medicine.

Like every other medication, side effects that can occur while taking Lipitor include muscle cramps or muscle pain while some rare effects may include blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, heartburn, diarrhea or constipation. If these side effects crop up, you must immediately consult your doctor. The chances of side effects increases if one takes alcohol while taking Lipitor so avoid the use of alcohol. By taking some precautions one can safely use and buy Lipitor to avail its benefit.

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List Of Low Cholesterol Foods

List Of Low Cholesterol Foods

People who are over 25 years of age should pay more attention to their cholesterol levels. This is because as the body ages, its ability to fight off bad cholesterol decreases. Experts say that in order to avoid having too much bad cholesterol in the body, people should always have a ready list of low cholesterol foods and create a balance diet menu out of it.

The following is a list of low cholesterol foods that can be mix and match to create a low cholesterol diet:

1. LEAN MEATS. Lean red meats or lean chicken/turkey meats and fish should always be included in the list of low cholesterol menu because these are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that are excellent for a person's metabolism as well as in fighting off bad cholesterol.

2. VEGETABLES. This food group is considered as the healthiest among other groups in the food pyramid primarily because they are low in calorie-content. Aside from that, these are also high in dietary fiber and dietary nutrients that aids not only regulated metabolism but also balances cholesterol levels. Vegetables are also perfect low cholesterol foods because these are excellent sources of minerals and vitamins such as vitamins C, E and K, vitamin B-complex, and other micronutrients that reduce vitamin deficiency. Aside from lowering high cholesterol levels, other benefits of eating vegetables also include the reduction of heart diseases and cancer as well as high blood pressure.

3. GRAINS. Because these are in high-energy content and dietary fiber content, grains are effective foods to lower cholesterol level. Whole grains are also known as effective in controlling weight. Aside from whole grains, breads, beans, potatoes, pasta, and cereals can also help lower cholesterol levels.

4. NUTS AND SEEDS. Since these contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, nuts and seeds are included among the list of low cholesterol foods. These foods also are also high in dietary fiber that is excellent for great metabolism and low in calorie-content that is effective for weight management.

5. FRUITS. Just like vegetables, fruits are also among the top food groups that lower cholesterol because they are very low in calorie content. These also contain large amounts of significant vitamins and nutrients that help prevent of vitamin deficiency as well as other illnesses.

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