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Diet For High Cholesterol

Diet For High Cholesterol

What is Cholesterol ?

Cholesterol is a form of fat that is in use by the body to build cells and produce hormones.

Where did Cholesterol ?

Almost all the cholesterol needed by the body in shape in the liver. The rest is getting from certain foods rich in cholesterol, for example: meat, eggs, milk and offal (liver, kidney, brain).

Why is cholesterol harmful ?

If too much cholesterol is brought into the arterial circulation, the blood vessels resulted in increasingly narrow. In the event of the heart arteries, the blood can not carry enough oxygen to the heart. This is called coronary heart disease and can lead to heart attacks.

Whats Is Low Cholesterol Diet ?

- Lowering blood cholesterol levels
- Lose weight if overweight

What is the difference Lower Cholesterol Diet with Normal Food ?

1. Use a little fat is limited.
2. Most of the fat used in unsaturated type.
3. The use of foods containing a lot of cholesterol in the limit.
4. If too fat, total calories in the limit.

Preferred Food

* Material on avoiding foods (high cholesterol) :
Fatty meats, organ meats, cheese, eggs, milk, yoghurt, kream, eggs, shellfish, crabs, shrimp, squid, chocolate, butter, coconut oil, margarine, avocados.
* Material in limiting food :
Ice cream, cakes / tert, compote, food and beverages a sweet tooth.
* Raw foods at recommended :
Fresh fruit, vegetables, skim milk, soy milk, fresh fish, beans, vegetable oil, olive oil, corn.

How do I adjust the Diet ?

1. Avoiding the use of coconut, coconut oil, margarine and butter. As a substitute use peanut oil, or corn oil.
2. Limit the use of meat up to 3x a week at most 100 grams every time: Eat fish or chicken as a substitute.
3. Use skim milk instead of dairy milk.
4. Limit egg yolks to three eggs a week.
5. Use it as often as may be nuts, tempeh, tofu and legumes results by others.
6. Limit use of sugar, syrup, coca-cola, chocolate, tarcis, ice cream etc.. To prevent the increase in weight.
7. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

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