Thursday, November 6, 2008

Green Tea Can Balance Your High Cholesterol Levels

Green Tea Can Balance Your High Cholesterol Levels
By Ani Roy

Chinese discovered the secret benefits to this nature’s gift-Green tea around 4000 years ago. Since that day till date, green tea is among one of the most popular drinks all around the world.

The health benefits attached to green tea are numerous and too important to be put aside or ignored. In 1994 research proved that Chinese green tea reduced cancer of the esophagus in women and men in China who used green tea frequently by 60%.

Similarly research has also proven that Chinese green tea improves the levels of HDL which is the good cholesterol a human body needs.

While on the other hand Chinese green tea reduces LDL levels which is the unhealthy version of cholesterol that leads to heart problems and several other health diseases such as blood pressure.

Reducing weight and curing cancer are not the only traits that are associated with this natural herbal tea.

Other medical conditions such as cancer arthritis, infection, poor immunity levels and high cholesterol are also seen to improve dramatically with the increased intake of green tea.

People who are health and fitness conscious lay a lot of emphasis on their green tea intakes and give much credit to it for their healthy body and mind.

Epigallocatechin gallate which is abbreviated as EGCG is one of the antioxidants found in this herbal tea which helps to fight cancer cells and keep healthy cells alive.

Heart problems among Japanese men are significantly low although 75% of them are chain smokers. The secret behind their healthy hearts is green tea which has EGCG in it which acts like a powerful tool against fat in our diets.

As green tea reduces cholesterol therefore it is a good practice to sip it up regularly not just to enjoy its flavors but for health reasons.

The way every one these days is concerned about living green for the health of planet Earth the same way green tea lets you live with a healthy heart.

Among all the varieties of teas available , green tea has extremely low levels of caffeine and has multiple health benefits out of which controlling blood cholesterol is one.

Among the rest of the benefits of green tea, fighting tooth decay, lowering blood pressure, keeping blood sugar under control and also terminating cancer cells are just a few.

Cardiologists actually are now recommending the use of green tea because of its healthy properties. They have researched that it reduces the risk of heart disease and helps cure blood pressure problems as well.

After a careful research, cardiologists have observed that within 2 weeks of a daily consumption of green tea, the arteries supplying blood to the heart dilated in patients who used green tea in abundance.

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