Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Switching To A Low Cholesterol Diet

Switching To A Low Cholesterol Diet by Javier Fuller

Who doesn't crave for health? Who doesn't want to have his sandwich with an extra layer of mayonnaise without caring about the girth around the waist? And who doesn't want to stop thinking about what to eat and what not to?

Surely, in addition to all that, we also want to have rippling muscles.

But leave that for later because in today's hectic life it's difficult to find time and energy for a regular jog, let alone pumping iron Arnie style.

If I were to advise adopting a healthy lifestyle I am sure it would sound like an oft-suggested-never-followed kind of an advise, which it surely is.

But the fact is, nothing helps better than a healthy lifestyle with some form of regular physical activity thrown in.

It not only keeps one fit but also helps reduce one's risk of disease, especially heart ailments. Cholesterol is considered to be the erring element.

One of the effective ways to reduce blood cholesterol is to combine regular physical activity with low cholesterol diet.

A diet with low cholesterol may include foods with high fiber and vitamin content, and must be low on fat.

Now going low on fat does not mean that you shun fat altogether because fat is an important requirement for the healthy functioning of the body.

They help the body in digestion and excretion.As indicated earlier, a low fat diet alone will not be sufficient to substantially reduce your chances of a heart stroke.

For that you must exercise a bit. This is not to say that you join the fancy neighborhood gym. Exercise may just comprise of half an hour of brisk walking or light jogging in the morning or in the evening.

Mornings are better because at that time the air has more oxygen which is healthy for every single cell in your body.

That's the reason why nothing matches a morning of vigorous activity.

Cut down on smoking and if possible quit it. Moderate drinking may not be harmful but if you tend to get carried away and often cross the delicate boundary between light and heavy drinking, it's better that you keep clear of alcohol altogether.

For those who have a family history of cholesterol related problems it is important to be extra cautious, as they are more likely to have cholesterol accumulation.

Switching to a low cholesterol diet helps one reduce one's chances of a stroke and pumps more life in every second of life. What more could one ask for

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